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Use Cases - Ownership Management

Enabling to check the proof of possession through blockchain technology.

Intellectual Property

Currently, digital rights are managed in different ways depending on which jurisdiction an asset is recognised in.

As the internet means digital information can traverse the globe in seconds, legacy systems can no longer be relied on for enforcement of digital rights. Cataloguing and storing original works is a natural fit for blockchain thanks to the creation of timestamped records that are indisputable.

Asset Mgmt

Applying blockchain solutions to this industry has the potential to remove reliance on intermediaries and provide new efficiencies for delivering timely and accurate data.

Blockchain transparency offers disintermediation opportunities and offers a direct link between fund managers and financial asset distributors, while drastically reducing the intermediary costs.

Real Estate And Property

As more ownership and title information moves into the digital realm, new solutions can be applied to the management of such information.

From property ownership to management, smart-contract-based blockchain solutions have the potential to automate many of the processes involved in property sales and management.


The glue that brings IoT and blockchain together is Smart Contracts.

Smart contracts can be deployed for whole transactional lifecycles, running directly on the blockchain and excluding the centralized server mechanisms. IoT software can communicate with blockchains with the reliability and trust needed for business processes.


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